HELP! New Bearing!?!?!

i have a dv888 splash editition and i want to purchase a new bearing, i need help on deciding which one to get. i was thinking about the dif-e konkave bearing or the crucial grooved bearing if you guys can help me on which one i should get thatd be great thanks.

Just use your stock bearing. Buying a new bearing will not solve anything. New bearings do nothing that the stock will not do. They all do the same thing. dv888’s are fine with the stock bearing


the only time I’ve bought a bearing was a ceramic KK a few weeks after I started out. Little did I know, it was completely unnecessary. :confused:

or if you NEED to buy a bearing, go with a one drop 10 ball. they’re great.
Or if you don’t mind spending a bit more, I hear great things about the terrapin X bearings.

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I think you should get the one, you know, the one installed in the yoyo right?

Thanks for the good words.
I do have the size C in steel too, way less, great spin.

I can’t answer for what a KK feels like, but I will say when I put a center trac in my Dv888 (I had a spare just lying around) it made it really slippy. The YYF bearing is one of the best bearings for this yoyo.

Like the others said, you don’t have to buy a new one. But if you really want to, buy a koncave bearing.

well I think a KK is good for begginer (because I use it when I was learning for longer spin time) but it sometimes snags. The stock bearing will do just fine…