bearings for a dv888

i want to know whats the best bearing for a yoyofactory dv888 im getting one for christmas and don’t know what bearing to get is it better to leave the stock or get a good one

i want a bearing that has long spin time and unresponsive

Stock is good. No need for better.

I LOVE my bearing. It’s beautiful.

stock is great but if you want maybe a 10 ball or a center trac or konkave

hey i’m getting one too!this topic could be usefull to me also.any way, i’ve had people tell me the center track bearing is better than stock.i think i’m going to get a center track bearing but i’ll keep the stock bearing just incase.

Are you asking for the bearing size or just bearing type.
for size i would go with small enabling fast speed and tight binds at low RPMs.
for type i would go with a good 10ball over a KK. or you can go a little cheaper and get a SPEC bearng or SPEED bearing.

Just play it stock. There is really no reason for an upgrade, and it will spin longer than you need anyway.