Center Trac vs Konkave vs One Drop 10 ball

Im about to order a Dv888 and I’m wondering what bearing would be best to get with it. What has the best spin time, and what works better at keeping the yoyo unresponsive. Any help all?

personally stock bearings are the best! except for bearing in like cheap yoyos like the zombie or something

I like stock but if I had to choose I’d go for the 10 ball but the CT is cool because it ships dry.


A different bearing isn’t always necessary. SPEC bearings really aren’t terrible but i do see 10 ball and koncave to be of a higher quality. i have a ceramic konkave in my wooly marmot and it plays great. i have a center trac in my skyline and in my protostar and they both play fine. the rest of my yoyos all have standard stock SPEC bearings. I have played a 10 ball before and it was quite smooth. but the difference (at least in my opinion) is only minor. so unless you really want a brand new bearing, just stick with the SPEC and lube it a little bit when you get it. ;D

I have fond CenterTracs to be the best bang for the buck, especially if you have a size C bearing chamber.

Stock bearings are great. The bearing in my dv888 is fine. I have no interest in changing it at this time.

KK is basically a smooth center-trac. I prefer centering bearings over flat, and I’ve never really liked 10balls. So, IMO, KK>Centertrac>10ball.

There is another choice…

I’ve been going back and forth on bearings lately, and I’m finding I like the flat bearings better than any of the centering ones I have… I’m kind of in love with the One Drop 10 ball, and I plan on getting a Terrapin ceramic at some point to see what kind of difference that makes.