Center Trac Bearing

should i put a Center Trac Bearing on my dv888 ???

Yep, Plays like a dream!

It’ll make no difference what bearing you put in your yoyo. save your money and just keep the bearing you have.

Do have a yoyo like a protostar that has a CT bearing. If you have you can try swapping the bearings. If not don’t buy a CT just keep the flat bearing.

I put my centertrac in my DV888 before I sold it and it played very well.

then why did they throw in a center trac for the 888x? why does andre prefer a konkave? why did jensen mod gnarwhals with center tracs and call them “competition grade”. why do I prefer flat bearings esp general yo bearings)?

I would say if you haven’t tried a center trac yet then give it a shot bc you might like it you might hate it or whatever. dont live life wondering “what if” if its only like 8 bucks and yoyo is a passion of yours. hobbies usually cost a little money. just my advice ;D

It’s just down to your preference. Some like flat bearings, some like KK’s, and others like Center Tracs. Just try it out and see if you like it. :slight_smile:

DUDE… this topic just triggered a memory of my dream… WHATTHEHECK? The dream was I found a whole box of concaves… in the mail… and was like looking at them… I tried to play my yoyos, and found concaves in them… but not one, like a million of them, like an extreme beefcake… and I couldn’t find a single flat bearing… SCARY huh???

I think that flat ones are better. Just personal Pref.

i love all the bearings :smiley:

i dont really like a ceter track in my dv888… i think it plays better with a … Terrapin X wing Bearing