center trac bearings?

hey guys,

So i need a new bearing for my dv888 and i wanted to know if i should get a Center trac bearing instead of the normal flat bearing.

I’m aiming for more unresponsive and better sleep times. (every bit helps)

thanks in advance! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i think you should get a center track but after about a month month and a half it will wear out


I’ve had center trac’s in all 3 of the superstars I carry around with me and not a single one has worn out in the 6-7 months they have been in my yo-yos.

Remember, YYF bearings come bone dry from the factory, so you gotta clean and lube them from time to time, thats all.

BUY IT GO NOW, best bearing I have EVER uses, I’ve had minew since Christmas and it still works like new, and spins FOREVER

Get a Protostar…

If you’re more advanced and you throw straight and you don’t need the string to be on the center, get an AIGR bearing or a 10 ball. Both are really smooth and sleep for a long time.

Alot of bearings don’t differ. They will all give the same level of play.
I personally like YYJ bearings over all bearings.
They will all give you a long sleep time.