why have not all yoyos center track bearing or a KonKave?

Why should all yo-yos have a Center Trac or a KonKave bearing?

A flat bearing is fine,those two are additional bearing.Why would you need a Center Trac or a KonKave bearing in every yo-yo?A flat bearing is all you need in a standard yo-yo.

Because it adds cost to the yoyo and doesn’t dramatically help the yoyo

nerly every expensive yoyo has a flat bearing when they can have a kk or center trac

Because there isn’t anything wrong with flat bearings.

People prefer different bearings for their preferences.

i hate any non-flat bearings.

and then all the yoyo companies didn’t want to make me mad, so they complied…

the only ones who dare use a special bearings are either outside of my reach, or companys that I allow

To say that Flat bearings like SPECs and YYJ Speed Bearings play the same as a CT Bearing is ludicrous. I honestly don’t love one over the other but let me explain something. The Dv888 in comparison to the Lunatic has a less roomy gap (due to a higher inner wall), this isn’t a big issue as I love both yo-yos but when I stick a CT in the Dv888 it acts as if the gap got just a touch wider, it is a LITTLE bit less grippy and thus suits my preferences much better. If I was to pull out my SPEC that is in my Lunatic and put that CT in it, the snappy binds I am accustomed to will be a bit more difficult to achieve, maybe 1/10 of the time I would get a bind that wouldn’t bite but again it isn’t a big enough difference to warrant a change in ALL yo-yos but in a fixed gap yo-yo, it gives you the option of fine tuning your throw. Another example, (sorry if this hurts someone’s feelings, YYF I wub you!) The Counter Attack and the Protostar, both come stock with CT Bearings, however the gap is just a touch too wide on the Counter Attack for a CT Bearing to be proficient, especially with the CBC Pads, however this setup works wonders in the Protostar, Yet if you take a SPEC and pop it into the Counter Attack, holy crap does it greatly improve the play of the Counter Attack.

Bottom Line: Different Bearings give yo-yo’s a different feel and it is a design decision, not a quality issue, no bearing is truly greater than another, imo they just all give slightly differing qualities to the yo-yo, if you take the bearing out of context as far as quality goes then you are basically comparing dirt from your front yard to dirt in your back yard, they might have slightly differing qualities but they both get the job done.

lol yup, I am flat out wrong because what I said is precisely what I did to my Counter Attack, my Dv888, and my Lunatic, I MUST be wrong :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the reply :smiley:

Why are you asking this question that hardly makes sence? :stuck_out_tongue:

-James Reed

Because if all companies started putting those kinds of bearings in their yoyos I would have to buy a bearing every time I bought a new yoyo.

A KK or a centertrac is nothing special, they give a different feel, a feel that I highly dislike.