Which Bearing is Best For DV888

What should i get?

What is wrong with the stock bearing?

10 Ball Bearing!

But I mean, why get another bearing? Did you lose your bearing?

any bearing that you like is best for your yoyo.
YYF SPEC is good enough i guess, but if you thinking of an upgrade, you can try the 10 ball, KK or any other bearing that you see fit.

whats yyf spec? and whats 10 ball?

YYF SPEC is the bearing that come stock with your DV888.
10 ball is a bearing that came stock with any one drop yoyo.

those bearing are awesome for stock bearing.

are you still thinking of an upgrade?


oh and where can i buy a 10 ball


i PM’d you with a link

A 10ball won’t be an upgrade, just a different bearing. Same with whatever other bearings are out there.

SPECs are what come with DV888s.

Im just wondering is it smooth and does it sleep long.

It’s smooth, but I don’t think it will necessarily make it sleep longer. Just stay with the bearing it comes with. It’s perfectly fine. A new bearing won’t really make it better, maybe just a little smoother, but DV888’s are already really smooth.

ok Thank you all!

So what are you going to do?


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