New Bearing for my Dv888

Hey there guys,

Ive been using my Dv888 alot these days and it is totally awesome. I had to replace the spec bearing from it, but i wasnt in a very imaginative mood when i did it, as i only replaced it with another spec bearing.

Which brings me to my point. I’ve been wanting to stick a new bearing in this thing to see what i can get out of it. So much question is, what kind of bearing will be best?

I think its fairly obvious what ill need the bearing for (ie faster spins, no vibe, long spins, help keep the yoyo stable etc)

I’ve been checking out konkave, and the one drop 10 bearings and quite frankly i dont really know the benefit of having 10 bearings. Any advice?

Thanks in advanced.:slight_smile:

ten ball bearings are really smooth and spin for a long time it just takes a while to break in but its worthi have it in my dv888 also the aigr bearing spin long and are smooth

forget kk and ct i personally dont think they help me at all 10 ballls r very very good tho i would get one of those.

10 Balls are smooth and stable, but takes a time to wear out lube but it shouldn’t be much of a thing.
AIGR bearings, I’ve heard to be in the top 3 bearings.

Most any bearing will do. In fact with you living in the UK I’d check the local hobby shops - RC cars and helicopters use similar bearings. They should have one that fits just fine.

Thanks for all your responses folks, thats really helped me narrow things down.

Yeah i never really thought of that, thanks. What ill probably do is go to a local hobby store and try and find myself some backup bearings, incase my current ones break or whatever.

But overall i think ill buy myself a 10 bearing one and try it out in the yoyo. See if i can smoothen things out a little and reduce the vibe :slight_smile:

i have a kk,ct, and 10 ball. i think the kk spins longest keeps yoyo more balanced on string. even my center track spins longer then my ten ball. but the ten ball is quieter and feels a bit smoother. i prefer the kk but once the string gets a little warn it tends to catch on itself with a kk and with center track and 10ball it wont. but i like kk with poly string.

I for one really don’t like 10 balls, I like one drop throws and one like the definitely doesn’t like concave, but for a “soul less” throw such as the DV888 (don’t get me wrong, it’s my main throw), just got for something with loads of performance, concave, ceramic or terrapin. I got a ceramic KK in mine, it just spins forever and stay well in line.