What's the best bearings you can buy for a dm2 and a dv888?


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Concerning your question:
the DM2 and the DV888 are very different, so it’s difficult to make a recommendation for both. I have equipped my DV888 with a concave bearing from Dif-e-yo, in order to get longer spin times and faster and more stable rotation.
For the DM2 a 10-ball bearing from Magic Yoyo could be a good solution (all Magic Yoyos I know are extremely smooth and silent).

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These are the best?

Honestly there is no “best” bearing. A good value is the One Drop 10 ball bearing will make it smooth and quiet for not that much. If you want a konkave go for the dif e yo. Those are just the best values here. But that’s just for buying a bearing.

The best idea is to try to clean your bearing. Take your shields off I the bearing. Then put acetone, mineral spirits, or lighter fluid in a glass jar. Drop the bearing in and spin it around a little bit. After like 2 minutes take it and blow through it till it dry. Then put a tiny drop of lube in. After that put it in the yoyo and break it in.

Should I replace the bearings on my dv888 and dm2???

Both Bearings, the Dif-e-yo, as well as the one from Magic Yoyo are concave bearings.

I prefer this kind of bearing, because the string is centered by the concave shape, which makes it easier for a beginner (like me ;)) to throw a good sleeper.

The Dif-e-yo is finally an ABEC7-bearing. The bearing from Magic Yoyo might reach only ABEC5-quality (which doesn’t make a big difference in real life), but it is a stainless 10-ball bearing, which also runs silent and smooth and has a better price.

I think the DV888 plays a lot better with a concave bearing. My DM2 has the original bearing and it plays great - I wouldn’t change it, if it runs Without problems.

ok first thing you should do is clean your bearing. As I mentioned in my first post. If you like them after that your ok. Only after that of their still responsive you should buy a new one. I recommend the One Drop ten ball and the dif e yo konkave it just depends on what you want

You could try a really good one…
If you wish.

Hi fjh123,

I’m always interested in new products too - could you please give some comparative information (maybe a review Dif-e-yo vs. Terrapin).
As far as I can see in the product description on ebay, the Terrapin bearings are rated as ABEC5. In the british Euro-Yo online store I’ve found the information, that the Dif-e-yos are ABEC7-bearings.

The product description of the Terrapin bearings on ebay isn’t really informative. Therfore some additional information would be great.

Thanks in advance

I have Terrapin X Wing Cut 8-ball Steel bearings in my 4 DM2’s, and I like how it performs.

My dv888 is fine stock, no need to change what’s working good for me.

I would suggest buying some bearings to experiment with. All that matters is you find out what you like best. What WE like best is irrelevant.