Well, I was outside Yoing in the Grass with my New Breed and it got loose and I really didn’t notice it. So I threw a breakaway almost got into my Double or Nothing and my yoyo falls apart and i lose my Bearing. :frowning:

Since I can’t find it and my mom made me Yo outside She’s gonna buy me a new Bearing. :smiley:

So is the new Bearing gonna affect anything?

it shouldnt. if she lets you pick what bearing to get, get a kk or center trac.

The new bearing will be fine. Just make sure to get a size C bearing.

If you want to get a konkave or center trac, go for it, but know that it won’t be any better than any of the others, just different.

I highly recommend a speed bearing. Although yoyoexpert’s out of stock.

You’ll find your bearing sooner or later when you/somebody cuts the grass.

If you want a great bearing get a Terrapin X off ebay

I highly recommend that!!

Yeah,the terrapin x beats both the KK and CT.I placed one on my axiom

it centers the string and plays like a flat bearing

I tried both the ceramic & Chrome,Both of them plays great

Or grab a Half Spec, for all your responsive needs.