What is your favourite bearing?

I dont want sizes but in your personal preference whats your favourite bearing?

Mine are the Ceramic konkave and im ordering a few mercury bearings to see how they play.

As long as it’s a flat bearing in good condition, I’m happy. Gimmick bearings are overhyped, redundant with modern designs, and a waste of money.

I didn’t play with any other bearings except for standard YYJ or YYF bearings, such as in the Legacy or Dv888, but my 888x came with a free center trac bearing so I’m obviously using that one and I don’t see any real negativities to the center trac bearings, some people say they make the loops for suicides smaller, but Dave Geigle a german yoyoer who set up a record for the most suicides in a row or something said he doesn’t think that’s true and that he used center trac bearings for his record

I would say a Terrapin X Bearing

10 balls

Well give yourself some time. You will eventually see that the konkave or the centertrac bearings actually bunch up the string. As for the suicide thing, No the bearing’s shape will have absolutely nothing to do with loop size. That is in the response. Not the bearing. Unless the bearing is just a little responsive then it will open the loop bigger.

I havnt heard of those what website are they on??

Also i forgot to mention as well as mercury bearings im gonna try 10 ball one drop ball bearings

i like the YYJ Speed bearing…for me works better than Center Track bearing ;D

Look up terrapin x on ebay

yer i just did they look pretty awsome so nooooowwww im gonna sample a 10 ball mercury and a terrapin lol

By the way which measurement on ebay is a size c bearing

.250 x .500 x .187 (1/4" x 1/2" x 3/16")

YYJ, Duncan, and Center Track.

I have a KK that I got in a trade. It’s smooth, but I’d never pay money for one.

yer i know that but is it this one Terrapin X Wing S/Cm 6x13x5mm Ceramic YoYo Bearing ILYY
or this one Terrapin X Wing S/Cm 5x11x5mm Ceramic YoYo Bearing

Neither.Just .250 x .500 x .187 .Rather than asking,why not just read the description?Lol

its alright i found it soz lol

Anything flat. Ten Balls are nice

10 ball ;D

Terrapin X s/c

the bearings in DTI and 3YO3 yoyos
they spin FOREVER

The bearings that come in the yoyos I buy.

The only bearing I’ve actually wanted to replace was the one that came in my Pocket Change, but then I realized it was easier to just let the yoyo sit there and collect dust.