Yyf Nightmare


Its a bimetal, its from one of the big names in the business, it has the fancy color, the resale value is mind boggling, reviews seem to be great, it’s truly a stunning throw. Is the Nightmare the best $100 throw out there? Ever? Is it really that good?


I have yet to try the Nightmare, but I personally love bimetals. Especially the Igloo and Blizzard.


There is no “best” throw, no matter what the price range. Name brands mean very little to me and I’m not a big fan of bimetals. So as you can tell, everything is preference :slight_smile:


I got the nightmare but the threads stripped and YYE was very nice and let me exchange it for a firrox. In my opinion, the firrox is much better.


The YYF 2016 Superstar is an amazing bi-metal and I have had no problems with it. As I have had too many problems with nightmare as much as I Loved it. It stripped on me twice. I will never buy another one again. The superstar is much better and cheaper.