YYF Nightmare

I searched for this before i purchased a nightmare and didn’t see one so i figured i would give it a shot now that i have had the nightmare for a few months. Don’t worry, i will add pics later on. spoiler alert, i have the purple with silver splash color way and it looks sweet!! Now time for a quick review from my perspective of course.

Specs (from yye):
Diameter: 56.09 mm / 2.21 inches
Width: 42.88 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 5.00 mm / .19 inches
Weight: 64.00 grams


If you dig the look of bimetals, and i do, this thing looks great! The ring to body seam is non existent IMO. It has some cool little graphics and says nightmare on the cup around some weird spike thing. Very clean looking throw.

The Guts:
The response is snappy. It slipped every so often in the beginning but i’m guessing that’s more user error. Now that i have gotten used to it i can do all of my normal binds with confidence. I swapped out the CT bearing for a 10 ball konkave and its pretty loud but spins nicely. The CT was a little disappointing as it felt a little gritty and slow. I enjoy other CTs so it may just be a bad bearing. Oh well, easily fixed.

Wow this thing plays fast. Its super fast, even for somebody who can’t really play fast! Feels very solid on the string though which is really cool. It definitely took some getting used to for me. But overall, it spins great and has a powerful throw with a very quick feel to it. The bimetal is for sure noticeable on this, much more than on my superstar. Its a strong V-shaped like many bimetals and just fits in the hand IMO. I don’t have any other V-shaped throws that are this extreme(v-like), but surprisingly i really like it. Due to the size of the throw, smaller than the likes of my sasquatch or gauntlet, its really easy for me to land stuff i am unable to land such as triple or nothing to black hops. Other than the speed, the stability is very noticeable. For how fast it plays, it is really stable an doesn’t tilt at all.

To sum up the play, its fast stable and a ton of fun, i def recommend it, especially for $99 which is lower price point than a lot of the fast v-shaped bimetals.

Again, I will add pics when i get a few. Please comment and let me know what you think as well as share your nightmare experiences with the group.


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What a beauty!!

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Good review, but tell me is this the best throw you have used? Is it the best throw? Tell us more about the cons.
Good job, keep up the good work. :wink:

Not the best throw i own, but the best bimetal for sure. Cons…hmm…the finish for grinding isn’t amazing. I can’t really think of any cons to the yoyo, it’s more of a do you like the style of it and are you in the mood to play something this hella fast IMO. I really enjoy it. I left it at the office last night and was throwing my sasquatch at home and it was from one extreme to another. The nightmare made fast movements soo much easier, but i guess the sasquatch was more solid on the string. So i guess a con may be that its light on the string at times??

Did you take these pictures while at work? XD

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