YYF mystery box?

I keep seeing stuff about the mystery box wodering what exactly it is? and when can you buy them?

Sold every black friday. For the past 4 years.(?) Right

This years already happened . next set of boxes will be Christmas 2015

it’s a box containing yoyos that are hard to sell,even if sometime they put special stuff like final prototype or other skill tos,it normaly happen at black friday,but last year also had one for WYYC so keep an eye out for them

KK thanks guys just wondering wheen to prepare for it

There is normally a lot of information and publicity leading up to it. As long as you keep an eye on these forums and/or YYE’s social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram etc), then you should know pretty well in advance when they’re dropping.

As has been mentioned, the 2014 run has already gone so the next one will presumably be near the end of this year. Keep an eye out around Worlds (13-17 August) and EYYC (5-7 March) just in case though. :wink:

Then the fun starts. You see it isn’t knowing when the boxes are going to drop that’s the difficult part, it’s actually getting your hands on one when they do. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, you can search “YoyoFactory mystery box” on Youtube, and you can see what has been in the box for the last several years. It’s interesting to see how it has changed over the years.  You want to know your mystery box history, to gear up for later this year.  :wink: