yoyoexpert mystery box

Im kinda new to this forum and just getting back into yoyos after a few years and i have heard about these mystery boxes and seen some unboxings on youtube i was just wondering how do you get one when do they come out and are they just full of random yoyo stuff or is it random yoyo stuff from certain companies? thanks.

Welcome back to the mystical land of yoyos.
These mystery boxes are usually released during Black Friday week. For 2014, there was a worlds release as well.
The contents of the boxes can vary from a prototype of a yoyo or just random stock.


since they only come out at a certain time during the day will i have to be on my computer in the middle of the night to get one since i live in Australia and it is night time when its daytime in America?

i ordered the worlds pack last year and i ordered at like 4:00. if there was a midnight release a box you can usually get it without having to stay up late. just make sure to get in as early as possible :wink:

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Last year there were different levels of mystery boxes (i.e. $50, $100, $200 boxes) and some of those ones sold out on the day it released, but usually if they have a surplus so they will put them up for sale on the last day. So depending on what you want to get you may have to stay up.

By the way, mystery boxes contain Yoyofactory products.

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Na you don’t. I’ve got mystery boxes from 2013 and 2014, both of which were ordered at 10am-Midday Australian time :slight_smile:

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