mystery box

i think they should make more of the mystery boxes where they have random yoyos in them

What do you mean “more” mystery boxes? YYE never does mystery boxes as far as I’m concerned. Are you referring to the YYF mystery boxes?


Or any company for that matter.

My favorite mystery box has to be Save Deth’s ones. They were sold doing x-mas. I love seth <3

Then contact the companies that make the mystery boxes, not YYE.

I think the mystery boxes are usually available around Black Friday for sale via YYE. They are assembled and delivered “pre-mysteri-fied” to YYE so they can ship on Black Friday when the buying frenzy begins.

Also, last year, they were selling mystery boxes tied to the East Coast Birdhouse Tour.

It’s one of those things that are announced and happen when they happen. Patience.

How about a generic mystery box, where YYE fills it with stuff from a combination of brands. They could even have various priced boxes, where a less expensive box contains less expensive stuff. Also, they should be sold year-round.

I sometimes forget what I ordered from YYE. So, anything they send could be a mystery box.

Sometimes having some failures on short term memory can be a good thing!

However, when I managed to score the KLR, Sky Walker and AC, you can bet I knew exactly what was in those boxes!

This way they could sell stuff that isn’t selling well.

I never though that. Ingenious!

I would not mind getting a box with some goodies.

Maybe it’ll change the opinions of throwers who have to get the latest clyw or something.

I want to go to worlds and see a kid saying “dude, I want a black lily sooo bad”

I’ve got a black lily and I love. One of my favorite throws.
The HSPIN G&E series was a good line.

What would be cool would be a sample box of strings. I don’t think it would cost them any extra money, and they could price it accordingly to what strings are in it.

I don’t think new yoyoers know what that is. Even if it were to be sold today, do you think it would sell just as good as OD, CLYW or anti-yo?

I think the Lily would sell ok today. A lot of people still like the traditional shaped yoyos. Besides, it has a huge gap (at least for me).

But as well as other throws? I think not to be honest.

This applies to other throws as well. MANY throws actually.