YYF MVP Review

Well, I just couldn’t wait until my Blue MVP Comes! I heard that the MVP was a Great Yoyo! Evan Nagao told me that It was in his Top 5 Favorite Yoyos, So I thought, It has to be good. So, When it came, The Yoyo looked Beutiful! It was Blue, and it had a Pretty Shine to it, that made it look Awesome! It is Very Wide, and Big. I really like the Shape! I can’t wait to play with this thing!

First Throws:
Pretty Smooth, but not too smooth, but Thats Good, because You Never Want a Yoyo thats Too Smooth, because if a Yoyo is too smooth, than you get distracted, and its just harder to to Advanced String Tricks, but thats just my Opinion. It is just the right amount of Smoothness. It Sleeps Really long too. Like, My Favorite and Longest Combo is like 35 Seconds, and it is really involved with the string, and I can do that Combo, and the MVP will still Snap right back to my hand. The Shape is Really Nice, Its Different, but in a good way. The Grinds are like really fast, but Comfortable at the same time. When you do an Arm Grind, you can’t even really feel the yoyo, because of its Rims on the side, you can pretty much only feel the Rims going up your arm.

As you can probably see, I put pretty much how it plays all in the “First Throws” Column of this Review. :smiley: But, Since I did that, I guess ill just Rate Everything in this Column.
Sleep Time: About 3-4 Minutes
Smoothness: 8/10: Its Pretty smooth, but like I said, Not too Smooth.
Shape: 8.5/10: I love the Shape, but sometimes seems to sharp in the hand.
Looks: 10/10: Not Really how it Plays, but I love how it looks!
Grinds: 710: Not the best Grinder, I can only do Arm Grinds and Thumb Grinds on this Yoyo. Palm/Hand Grinds are kind of like :-\

It looks Awesome! The Blue with the White MVP Sign, looks Incredible. When I look at it, It makes me make this Face: :o Haha Not Really, but thats what face im making in my mind. When you play with it Outside, It looks even more Shiny and Pretty. The Fact is, This is a Very Pretty Yoyo!

I love this Yoyo! Its my Personal Favorite Yoyo! I like it better than my 888x with a Koncave bearing. I love it soo much, at VA States last Month, I was Offered 2 Special Editions Genesis, a Red but Scratched up MVP, and like 5 Duncan Freehand Zeros, and I didn’t want to make the trade. Thats how much I love my MVP. Its Very Pretty, Sleeps Longer than All My Other Yoyos, Its Very Smooth, Just a Really Amazing Yoyo. I would Definitely Reccomend it. Its also A Really Good Yoyo for learning Really Advanced String Tricks, because Its Very Easy to land String Tricks on it.

I hope you Enjoyd my Review! Tell me what you think!
Happy Throwing! :wink:

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nice review.
i throw one MVP myself, and it’s an awesome yoyo.
you might like to add some pic next time. :wink:

Why bump a review?

Good review!
I also have a cherry MVP. It looks very cool.

I add this: MVP is of course a good yoyo for 1a but this is also good for 5a. Its unique H shape makes it easier to catch yoyo when you play 5a.

good review but i agree with mista8eight8 why bump a review ??? ?