Yoyofactory MVP Review by 888alltheway

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When the Yoyofactory Superstar came out, I was dazzled. I got to use my friend's and I loved it beyond words. I was going to buy it. Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees, and I couldn't buy it. I kept saving up my money, but I still didn't have enough money. Those were probably the saddest months of my life. Then, all of a sudden, the MVP was released. I was enraptured by its specs, looks, angles, everything. I kept saving my money and I finally saved up enough. $110 dollars disappeared, and the package with the MVP came to my house after 3 days. After using it for a couple of days, I decided that it deserved a review, since there's not that many out there. This is my first review, so bear with me.


Bearing size:C


The MVP looks amazing. It has a deep purple hub with gray rims and body. The purple is very cool. Depending on the intensity of light, the purple changes from a deep indigo to a light magenta. The rims are completely flat in all directions. The rims are about 5mm thick, and goes straight down about 4mm until it smoothly blends into a straight, sharp v-shape to about 1.5mm away from the response. The shape strongly resembles the profiles of the C22 and the C13. The inside of the hub is completely flat, and looks exactly like a Superstar, only sharper. The bearing seat is a deep purple. It has a beautiful laser engraved logo inside the cup, and it screams out that it’s your Most Valuable Player. The MVP is one of the best looking yoyos I’ve ever seen.

Response and bearing

The response pads are the CBC slim pads. In my opinion, a great response system. Not to grabby, not to slippy. The pads last long too, up to 6 months for me. The best part about these are that all CBC pad yoyos can also take flowable silicone. I do this with my 888, and it works perfectly. You can also replace them with Pro-pads if you like a grabbier yoyo. That’s what I do. The bearing is Yoyofactory’s SPEC bearing. The SPEC isn’t the best bearing, but it gets the job done. The specific SPEC that came with the MVP was really long-spinning and smooth. I would think that it would be as good as any 10-ball or AIGR. I didn’t get to try it though. Why? Because the bearing seat was waaay too tight. It was the first time my trusty pliers failed to remove a bearing.


This yoyo is weird. It’s comfortable, yet it feels weird to hold it. When you throw it, you throw it by the rims. The middle finger fits comfortably in the middle, yet feels unnatural. It’s hard to explain. One thing about this yoyo. IT HURTS. The yoyo spins so true and strong, when it comes back to your hand at quick speeds, the rims will crush your palms. A quick grind before binding will fix this. I have popped my knuckles multiple times after I binded too early. It seriously hurts. Another way to combat this is to catch it by making a “Peace” sign with 2 fingers. You primarily want to do this when you bind from a breakaway. The yoyo will slip in with minimal pain. For people that can stand the pain, this means nothing.


Whoa. This thing is smooth. The 888 has a floaty kind of smooth to it, but the MVP has this heavy kind of smooth to it. I always thought that the Superstar had this hollow feeling to it, and that was the only part I didn’t like. Not the MVP. MVP has this solid, heavy feeling to it. It takes a little while to get used to it, but once you do, it gives a unique experience. I also feel that this yoyo plays slow when you play normally. It flows through the air, and moves gracefully. But it doesn’t end there. Although it takes a little more effort, once you push this yoyo’s speed to it’s limit, it will actually go 888 or Phenom fast. No kidding. It just takes a little more effort to move it around. You can do really quick Skin the Gerbils like with a Phenom. I’m not saying this just to say it. It really does go FAST, but you need to push harder than usual.
This yoyo spins REALLY long. Those rims aren’t just for show. They can really make this thing spin. I can do some random really long combo, and still, it’ll snap back to my hand. Despite being heavily rim-weighted, this thing does regenerations really well because of it’s stability. The MVP’s stability is unrivaled by any yoyo. The most stable yoyo I’ve ever used. It handles Eli Hops and Kwijibo easily. When it loses spin, it doesn’t tip. It just stays there. This is very useful when you do horizontal yoyo tricks because it will just stay in plane. This yoyo is also good for horizontals because of it’s v-shape design. The only friction on the string is the response and nothing else. This yoyo’s stability is a blessing as well as a curse. This yoyo is extremely unforgiving when you throw. One bad throw, and it will stay tilted at the same angle the whole time until you do a regeneration. String tension is hard to control, as it never goes into a lariat because of it’s plane-retaining properties.


The finish on this yoyo is very puzzling. It has a glossy finish, yet grinds very good. Another thing about this finish is that it’s extremely strong. Maybe it’s a hard-coat anno. I have hit it on walls numerous times, and not a scratch or a dent marks the yoyo. It grinds pretty close to my bead-blasted 888. The finish lets you do a finger grind for about 5 seconds. Palm grinds and arm grinds are a no-no. The shape just simply doesn’t allow you to do so. The IRG lip is one of the more interesting parts of the yoyo. The IRG lip is made from the line where the hub and the rims connect, resulting in a sharp and pointy IRG lip that minimizes friction. Your finger just slips into the lip, so it is extremely easy to pull off a thumb-grind.


I am extremely happy at this yoyo. All this for the low, low price of $110 dollars? Wow. This yoyo will give you an unusual and exciting experience with its unmatched stability, spinning power, smoothness, and speed. I highly recommend you get one. Don’t like unusual throws? Get a Tactic and don’t even bother getting one of these. This yoyo is only for the ones who respect its differentness and unique shape.

If you liked that, you’ll love the New Wing. I was looking at the photos and they are both really similar.
And I can’t get past the looks of the MVP. the colors are cool but it looks unbearably uncomfortable. Reminds me of the dream Yo MAN I played with

Haha it is uncomfortable. When you throw it, your 2 fingers on the rims are the only ones touching the yoyo.

Oh yeah, and you can pick out knots without unscrewing it.