Thoughts on the MVP 2?

I think I puked a little. It has to be one of the biggest eyesores of the year.

Your thoughts?

Not meaning to point fingers as I don’t know you at all but from what I can tell it seems like you like to bash on YYF.

Plus, yoyos are made to play and its ‘eyesore’ shape that made you puke is for performance.
“The only gimmick is performance” and the MVP2 does live with that phrase.

As for me, I have the MVP2 and it plays amazing. Can’t go wrong with that. I like the shape and how it plays. The 6061 version has a different finish from the 7075 and the former can grind smoothly :]

I have both the original MVP and MVP2, and they’re both one of my favorite yoyos. Beast.

it looks like it performs great and i think it’s pretty good looking

Looks like a yo-yo with good rim weight, like the first MVP. I’m not the fastest player and lots of spin time means extra time to learn tricks I’m trying to learn.

I held down the nacho I ate earlier just fine. I’ll be adding one of these to my collection.

Looks really fun if you ask me. I would love the chance to play one but that probably won’t happen. I’ve been leaning towards thinner shapes like that lately tho and that sucker looks perfect. I’m glad they switched it up completely from the original because I believe that’s how you really neck out and break ground. Something I am confused on tho. Was the original a signature for Paul? I’ve seen that it is but ive never been totally sure. If so does this count as a round two sort of signature like the severe supernova deal?

There was a Paul Kerbel edition MVP. There will also be a Paul kerbel edition MVP 2

Looks quite unique which is one of the things I look for in a new yoyo and not so easy to find in the current market. I guess “interesting” shapes are more appealing to me than “pretty” shapes.

The original MVP played great and if this is an improvement then I hope to get the chance to try one (actually would love to try both versions) at some point in the future.

I don’t believe it was. It’s just that Paul favoured it so YYF released a Paul Kerbel signature version just like how they’ve released a ton of SuperStar signature versions even though it’s not actually the signature throw of any specific player, as in the throw wasn’t specifically designed for those players.

We all know I am not the biggest fan of YYF in general but I will try and keep this unbiased.

I would not go so far as to say it is an eyesore but going just on the pictures I am not a big fan of the design as it stands. The undercut is cool looking but the rims look sharp and painful. There is an easy fix, YYF would just have to give the edges a larger radial cut, rounding out the harsh edges. I would have to play one in order to give a better opinion.

Given a choice, visually, between the MVP and MVP2, my vote goes to the MVP. There’s one I’m trying to get right now as a matter of fact.

At the same time, I won’t say anything negative about the MVP2. This undercutting thing is interesting and I’d like to give it a shot. If I like it, I may buy it. But I may wait until Nationals and see if there are any specials or B-grades available. Then again, I may choose to pass, especially if I’m satisfied with a regular MVP.

The general shape of the MVP(V with large rims) is a shape that works very well for me. What I like better are V-shapes with rounded rims like the KLR and other stuff with that general kind of shape. Of course, I play a little bit of everything, but that’s where my preferences seem to take me.

I like YYF. They make decent stuff. I like other companies better. I have a few more YYF’s to get though so I’m not done with them.

i think the MVP2 looks beautiful! i really like the dual tone color. if i had $100 , i would buy this.

Will I be able to fly ;D

the opinion below is just that. an opinion

the MVP 2 looks like an upgraded and better distributed concept of what YYF originally intended the MVP to be. with that being said, i would assume the MVP 2 is a superior yoyo.

i really want to try one. they look like a beautiful piece of work.

got to try one at worlds and it was without a doubt the best yoyo i have tried for horizontal, the mvp2 was so stable, the only down side was it really uncomfortable to hold in your hand thats how crazy the shape is

i thought it looked awesome.

It looks extremely stable to me and is probably a fantastic yoyo, but to me it just looks disgusting.