ok so I am having trouble choosing a yoyo for my christmas list. there are so many i want. but I can only choose one, my favorite so far are the MVP 2, avant garde 2 and skyline. my dad thinks I should get the MVP 2 but I want the skyline but my mom likes the avant garde even though she knows like almost nothing about yoyos. so I thought get some opinions about it.

It sounds like it would be most beneficial to see if you can play these before you commit.

OK, your choices:
avant garde 2

I’ve played the Skyline, I didn’t care for it. It wasn’t bad, I just don’t feel it was worth the retail price.

I haven’t played the MVP2 or Avant Garde 2. I have the CLYW GE instead, and I enjoy that but it’s a different playing experience compared to a “regular” yoyo. I would expect the same thing with the Avant Garde 2.

I have the MVP and I like it quite a bit. Solid and good. The MVP2 is such a different design that I have to wonder how it would compare. I can see the evolution but with such different shapes due to the undercutting to change weight distribution and pushing more out and into the rims, I don’t think they’ll play the same.

For the money, why not consider One Drop? Code 2, Cascade, both are great. I really like the Code 1 myself, but my Code 2 with disc side effects, man that’s some good stuff!

So, what have you played? What are you needs? What are your preferences. In my case, my preferences are something I hold in mind but won’t stop me from buying something not within that “safe zone”.

Well, “better” is a subjective term, as there is no real measure of how good a yoyo is. What I can tell you is that all three you mentioned will do everything you ask of them. Now, in order for us to give you advice, you should tell us some of your preferences. What have you played that you liked? Why? What didn’t you like? Why not? Are there any sizes you prefer or you want to try out?

If you don’t know, just pick a colorway you like and go for it, most yoyos are unlikely to disappoint if you have no expectations.

Now, personally, I would take a Skyline. I don’t much care for any of the throws you listed, but Skylines play 5a pretty well in my experience. They play somewhat reminiscent of an undersized Superstar, plenty quick and agile, but without much “float.” Now, float is also subjective, so be careful when people use it.

That’s about all I have to say, other than this topic should be in the “Recommendations” section. Hope I helped in some way.

All of them aren’t that good IMO.


The Skyline is the only Yoyofactory yoyo I like ,especially the Godzilla edition.

Simple answer here-
AV2- VERY strange shape, just meh
MVP2- Very stable, very awkward in the hands, full sized.
Skyline- Meh sleep times, undersized, good throw nonetheless.
Hope you have a good time with whichever you chose.