Whats up with the Avant Garde 2 hate?


Whats so bad about it?


I’ll just say this, for the $120 price tag you can do a lot better in my opinion. If this were a $50 or $60 throw I may not have such a grievance, but given a another chance there are quite a few different choices I’d make before selecting the Avant Garde 2 again. It just doesn’t play like a $100+ throw for me.


So basically it’s over priced and it could be better?


Ive only used the 2 a few times, It does not seem bad but my 1 seems way better lol. Its all preference tho. I mean the worst throw in the hands of someone good can make it appear to be a great throw. Its all on what you like. I have some throws from china that I paid 15-18 bucks for that I like the same as some of my $100+ throws. You just gotta do some looking into and watching reviews but most importantly try to find someone close that will let you throw it to make your own decisions. Ive read hate for almost every throw out there. Sometimes I feel like the hate is coming from people who cant even throw or can not throw well. Im a skater so I deal with haters all the time. Usually they hate cuz they either can not afford what you have or can not do what you are doing. Don’t let it get to you and make up your own decisions on things since only you can really tell yourself is something is good or bad. :wink:


YYJ Trinity, Duncan Barracuda, One Drop Code 2. Three yoyos I’d trade my Advant Garde 2 away for in a heart beat, and the Trinity and Code 2 actually cost less. I find mine unstable with disappointing spin times and a challenge to bind. All could be attributed to my lack of skill of course. Randysavage is right of course, it does come down to a matter of preference. There may be some who love their Avant Garde 2. I hate to speak poorly about any throw, I really do. The AG2 isn’t absolutely horrible, I’m just saying if you have $125 to drop on a yoyo I’d spend my money differently.

Sorry Yoyo Factory, I’m just being honest.


Wow i was just about to make a thread like this.


Exactly I 100% agree with you on the price, When I droped 155 on the clyw GE I was like what did I do lol. I do like it but ended up trading it away for 2 nice throws. Now I am in the process of getting it back haha. But I do not feel like it was worth the 155. the shape was prob harder to make just like the AG2 but still If it does not feel right too you then its not worth the price. I would have traded my GE for a code 2 also even tho I would loose money. The price you bought it for and the price it is worth too you are way different. There is some people who wont trade a throw for another that is $50+ more since its worth more to them. It can go the other way too haha


I too was not a fan of the GE. I kind of figured that if I didn’t like the GE I probably wouldn’t like the AG2. The shape is cool looking, but I just couldn’t like it.


truthfully, I loved the AG2. Totally worth the price in my opinion. Just goes to show that preferences are the real deciding factor on what makes a yoyo good for you.

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Let’s be honest. The YYF Avante Garde 2 plays like a really cheap plastic yoyo. It has a shape that’s really uncomfortable in the hand. It just doesn’t do it for me, it’s not worth the price at all, and I would not recommend anyone buy it. YYF usually puts out really really good stuff, and stuff that I love but this yoyo was a mistake. Buying it would be a mistake. You want to like it, you really do. But it’s just to bad the yoyo is so awful you can’t. YYF and all, but with this throw, I have no idea what happend.


the original AG was great though…



Never really considered it hated until now.

I LOVE the way it plays.

Guess it is to unique for people seeking that ‘generic’ good yoyo feel.

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Man, a lot of people need to learn the difference between “I don’t care for this” and “This is garbage”.

There are plenty of great yoyos that I don’t like, I would never tell people they are crap simply because they don’t suit me.

I mean, if you can really say “Here are a ton of quality & material issues that spell out C-R-A-P” then I’ll totally back you, regardless if you’re talking about YYF product or someone elses. I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of being particularly diplomatic when I see quality issues. :wink:

But a lot of what I’m seeing in this thread is people saying it’s a bad yoyo just because they don’t like it. It’s a WEIRD yoyo for sure, and I still prefer the original AG, but I keep picking it up. It’s made well, balanced well, plays well. It’s definitely weird, but it’s not a “mistake”. It’s just a weird throw that doesn’t have a very broad appeal.

(And for the record, this applies to pretty much every thread about every yoyo that I’ve ever seen posted on any board, ever. Because, if you’ve read as many as I have, you’ll realize they’re all the exact same conversation.)


Since when has reason been a prerequisite for hate?

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The original Avant Garde is by far one of the best yoyos ever produced by YYF. I love it to death and it’s one of my favorite throws. It should be continued to be produced.

Also, I agree that it’s made well, and balanced well, and has a great company that makes it, but Steve you are right, it is definitely weird.

Any chance of us seeing the return of the orignal Avant Garde? That thing is a joy to throw.


To be honest, I don’t really actually hate YYF products. Somethings like their plastics and bearings could be better though. I would imagine the YYF Avant Garde 2 wasn’t made for comfort in the hand. I have not used one, but it looks like something meant to be used on the string, as a yoyo, not to be held all day long. The shape is made to have the largest amount of rim weight and least center weight as possible. But yeah, you guys at YYF may have over done the design a bit lol. Back to the original issue, people seem to like the CLYW Glacier Express, the two yoyos have a pretty similar shape.

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After replying to this thread I realized I hadn’t thrown mine in about a week, even though I have one in my daily carry man-bag. So I grabbed it and threw it around a bit.

It’s rad, it really is. It’s just weird and doesn’t feel like anything else I own. I can see how it would tweak people out a little because you totally have to recalibrate your throw, but it’s a ridiculously fun throw.

I think people tend to pick up with yoyos with too much expectation on how they’re going to feel. I kind of like it when I don’t know when I’m getting in to and have to force myself to find a new rhythm of play to suit what I’m throwing.


I really like the way that the AG plays. Sadly however, whenever I catch the yoyo, the two lips of each half grab on either side of my thumb and it’s quite uncomfortable. If they addressed that issue (which I’m not entirely sure they can), I’d definitely pick one up.

It’s a unique feel. Some yoyos are heavy but play light, while the AG, rather uniquely, feels light but plays heavy.


We make a lot if yoyos. We hope people have different tastes(otherwise it would be a really boring world). Our skins thick enough to handle some people not liking this one. It is out there.

The concept of a full floating rim above the yoyo is one I believe we were first to achieve, something I personal spoke with other manufacturers about before we did it which may have influenced their designs but whatever, it’s all design progression so I’m not sure how it can be overdone by us.

Not sure where the future is going with this. I have some nice prototypes of where I want it to go but if we can’t sell 100 of them it’s going to be hard to go there.


My friend Chris let my try his. I have to say that it is definitely a preference throw. I loved playing with it, but others may not. The price in my opinion is just a little too high. But again, if you you don’t like it don’t say it’s a terrible throw, just say it’s not your cup of tea. I do think, though that this yoyo has a bright future if the design and weight distribution is slightly “revamped”