New Yoyofactory Throw??

So I’ve been looking around in and came across what looks to be an Avant Garde 2. It looks like a X^3 Zues, a CLYW Chief, and an Avant Garde mashed together. Does anyone have facts and like the specs and the real name for it and how much it is??

It’s called the Avant Garde 2…

looks pretty cool!

The avant garde started with a catch zone similar to the Zeus,so I assume the main change is the weight distibution, and aesthetics of course.

Here is a picture of the Avant Garde two for anyone that is too lazy to look it up. ;D

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The indentation looks like a Chico Recurve more than the Avant Garde.

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The ring where you can put glowsticks on looks like the chiefs

That looks really cool and unique. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it where the outer weight ring dips in and comes back out.

Hmmm, I dunno, the CLYW Chief maybe!!! facepalm


Ok, haha I worded that wrong I meant how in the catch zone it dips in and comes out but then I just saw the zeus and avant garde and they have that too. Maybe I need to do a little more homework before posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

now THAT’s what i call Avant Garde.

Does anyone know when this is going to come out?

Comes out tomorrow:

When is it coming to yye and what are the specs, I think this is the best looking yoyofactory in a long time!

Oooooh,aaaaaah, Shiny

Didn’t get to try them as they were mounted on wood but I was looking at the Avant Garde 2’s up on display at the YYF booth at BAC. Definitely interesting design…shoot, the original Avant Garde’s an interesting design and works great…love my visually B-grade, A-grade playability Avant Garde!

I am not sure about this one.
I seen a link on yyf facebook better pics and price and I was not sold on this one.
I truly do like my yyf throws and I get my money worth but I think they have been drinking CLYW kool-aid here with extra suger I’ll just have to wait and see :’(

Looks a little like the glacier express.
I think the avant garde 2 was announced first though. not that it matters.

yea, the avant 2 has been around for awhile

I see similar things between the glacier and ag2 but they are very different. Ag2 has an inner bell shape and glacier has an inner h shape. Not to mention the lip on the inner ring of the ag2… Similar but worlds apart. And size is way different. Milimeters make a lot of difference. I think there both great tho and can’t wait to try them both. Oh and if anything the glacier IF they were the same is the one that would’ve copied the ag2 and clyw wouldn’t have done that, so expect 2 totally seperate yoyos.