CLYW Gnarwhal vs. CLYW Avalanche vs. YYF Avant Garde 2


Hey Guys,

I am looking for a recommendation for my next purchase, which will likely be out of these three.

Some history:

My main throws are YYF SuperG, YYF Supernova, YYF Avant Garde, and YYF Genesis. I obviously really enjoy YYF. I have wanted to venture out, but my first experience was a bad one, so I have continued to stock up on YYF until I felt brave enough again (or the budget allowed). Now is the time.

Initial thoughts about the three:

I really enjoy the aggressive slant to the Avant Garde 2. It looks like it would be similar to the SuperG – which is tons of fun to through.
I hear much praise coming from CLYW, and the Avalanche and Gnarwhal hit the price point, the size/weight specs that I enjoy, and the come stock with a Centrac bearing – something I think YYF should take note of.

Let me know what you guys think!


All about preference if u like yyf stick with them …I personally have had a gnarwal and wasn’t a huge fan but that’s just because I prefer oversized throws…would love to try an Ava tho…Honestly any clyw you go with would be great , you could also look at some general yo (klr, magesty spelling?) or one drop (cascade code 2)…hope this helps :slight_smile:


Skip the Avant Garde 2. A lot of people said it plays like a $30 metal. Get a Catalyst. Fast, great for horizontal and grinds well

(Khent G) #4

Avalanche is beast




He speaks truth.

I love the Gnarwhal - but the Avalanche rules the roost. …Avant Garde? - not even in the same league.


Gnarwhal felt boring for me. The Avalanche…Perfection. Best CLYW IMO.


Avalanche is a monster. You. Will. Love. It. If you like the supernova (I love mine) the feel of the avalanche might be right up your alley. That said, look into the code 2. It is very similar to the avalanche, but side effects will let you experiment with different weights, and one drop pads are (IMO) the best in the industry. It’s also a little cheaper i think.

(SR) #9

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT buy an Avant Garde 2. Literally one of the worst expensive yoyos you could buy. Benm36 is right, it plays like a $30 metal. It’s absolutely an awful yoyo.

What you need to do is buy an Avalanche, as everyone else here suggests. It is by far one of the best yoyos I’ve ever owned, and used, period. Buying anything else would be a mistake, trust me. You will absolutely LOVE it.

(Owen) #10

I actually really like the Avant Garde 2… Alot.

But you should go for the CLYWs, either the Gnarwhal or the Avalanche; but only cause you wanna venture out.


I completely agree! I’d say get the Gnarwhal, It is a likable YoYo.


This thread’s a week old, but why aren’t you looking at the Glacier Express? If you like the style of the AG and AG2, then that seems like a logical choice. That said of your choices definitely Avalanche. Heck Avalanche might be my favorite yoyo out of the 100+ i’ve owned.