Which CLYW


Just wondering which CLYW to get, My top 3 are Gnarwal, Avalanche and Arctic Circle.

Thank You


Three great choices.

The Gnarwal is small. I forget the dimensions but it’s a good size, but not full sized. I forget if its mid or undersized. It is one of my favorites.

Avalanche: Simply can’t go wrong here. Casual, competition, 1A, 3A,5A, very versatile, best for 1A and 5A.

AC is a powerful yoyo designed heavily with competition in mind, and unlike the other two choices, has no center hub so you can go gyro-spin with it if you so desire, but the flat cup area is bowed out, not in. Very ideal for 1A.

Anyone going to BAC can try nearly all CLYW models since I will have my “Case of Wonders” with me. Have you tried them all yet?

Without knowing much and having to make a fast recommendation, Avalanche all the way. If you have the money, AC. If you’re into smaller organic throws, Gnarwal.


Avalanche all the way.


working on a series to help people decide…

most recent: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,59896.0.html
(h5 x Chief)

Original: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,45158 (Arctic Circle)

the AC edition has some direct comparisons between the AC and the Avalanche and Gnarwhal.

hope you find it helpful! :slight_smile:


Which CLYW? All the CLYW. But out of those three? I’ve only really tried the Avalanche (and the Chief but that appears to be off the table, although I might prefer it just slightly), but I can’t imagine any of the others could be much better.


I would go with the gnar


Im going to the BAC maybe I will see you there I wont be buying till after the BAC anyway…


How big is it? I dont want it to small


The poll is enough to sway your decision. The Avalanche is amazing.