Which CLYW


Which CLYW should I get. I am deciding between the Avalanche, Arctic Circle and Gnarwal.



what’s your play style like? Fast and furious? Laid back? What kind of tricks do you like to do? Any horozontal tricks? What non-CLYW yo-yo’s do you like? (may help us to zero in on size and the whole solid/floaty thing)

Give us some more info to run with…


I like the superstar and genesis but would like a bit smaller. Im laid back and enjoy slack tricks and medium long combos. No horizontal yet.


Arctic Circle is certainly more in line “feel-wise” to Superstar/Genesis than the other two.

Super stable, and super solid feeling. It can play really, really fast, but will do just fine slowing down a bit as well.

Avalanche feels a bit more floaty.


I would say… Get none. Get the summit! Its made by clyw AND one drop so you get the best of both! And if you look at your poll it says avalanche got most votes, well guess what? The summit is a mix of the avalanche and one of one drops best throws. I say you seriously consider getting a summit ($135,67g)


Avalanche is easily my favourite of three. But I don’t really find it feels any smaller than the Genesis or SuperStar.

The Gnarwhal is a fair bit smaller noticeably reducing stability and spin time, but still plays fine.