Avant Garde 2 News

I called yoyoexpert yesterday and asked about when this yoyo was coming out, and they said that it would be online in three weeks!! Any thoughts on the first and how people like it?

I never got the first one, but I am really excited for this one. I’m going to try to get it if I have the money.

Its the first yoyofactory that has interested me since the original supernova. I plan on getting one.

I got one of the illestxbombsquad ones before BAC and I like it. It’s a bit uncomfortable in hand to me but it plays pretty awesome, I think they said it weighs around 66 grams but it doesn’t feel that way until you throw it. The weighting on it is very interesting… in a good way though.

Has anyone heard a price point, yet? You didn’t by chance ask about the One Star did you?

At BAC it was $150. But then again the Bombsquad+illest Protostar was $20 there, but $50 at the website.
The AV2 is on illest.com for $150. When it arrives at YYE it’ll he around the same range.

I heard that price float around from those who went to BAC - I was hoping it wouldn’t drop that high… a price tag like that I’d expect a “CLYW” in front of the name :wink:

Anyone know the dimensions? If its gonna be around 50 to 52mm I’ll buy one. Last one was to big. I like undersized yoyos more but love the shape. Also I like more square’ish yoyos. Like my Dietz is 50.45mm x 41.45mm, thats a square difference of 9mm. The closer the better IMO.

YYF is going to make the One-Star come out in 2013, that was the original plan at least.

Definitely not undersized, its like ~56mm?

I think it looks pretty nappy… Too many crazy ideas jammed into one design.

It’s a great looking yoyo in person.

If it’s priced right, it’ll be a hit.

It will be quite a small release. We are really happy with all aspects of the performance but still exploring options in both design and production techniques… Ie don’t be surprised it there is an avant Garde 3 later in the year.

Small runs and high price, not something I would expect from yoyofactory. Clyw definitely but not yoyofactory. Irregardless I will be getting one.

Bad news for you, this one is even slightly bigger than first AG.

I tried prototype we have in Prague, plays ok, but I have same problem as with original Avant garde, it just hurt sometimes so much to hold or catch it.

It is also wider, thus closer to the ‘square’.

YoYoFactory has been doing short run stuff for a long time now. check out projectredalert.com to see our real old stuff.

Missed an “r” in the URL. I added it for you. For those that haven’t seen it this site is a great resource. Check it out.


The 888.11 for example was a small one time run and will we see another run of the 888.11

I still can’t decide if I like the looks of the avant garde or the avant garde 2 better, I’ll be picking one or the other up though.

So, the undercut which you will grip it by is very much like the Dietz’s middle, but the rims are ginormous and wide as well.

I tried one, one of the most unusual YYF’s I’ve tried, they’re pretty smooth. I like them.