Yoyofactory Sale! Avant Garde 2, shutter, protostar, and Shaqlerstar UPDATED


Hello! I have 4 Yoyofactory Yoyo’s I would like to sell.
Pm me if interested. All listings are on ebay.
Links to ebay will be provided.
Also looking for a Grey Yeti if you are interested in making a trade.
Sorry images are sideways…

First up is my Avant Garde 2 in Green. This yoyo is mint. Does not ship in original box -$100 OFFER PENDING

Next is my Yoyofactory Shutter (Jason Lee Edition)—SOLD
This yoyo is not mint. It has pin pricks in the yoyo gap from a multi-tool and a small scratch on the rim. Damages are pictured -$40.00

Next is my yoyofactory Shaqlerstar -$30.00 $25.00
Item is mint condition no damage or scratches. Has been played though but plays like new.


Last is my yoyofactory Protostar from yoyoloco. Its half red half blue.
Perfect for any America fan!
Mint condition as well. has been tuned and It has new tighten lines made with a sharpie.
-$30.00 $20.00 SOLDhttp://i.imgur.com/9qkjbAY.jpg

Thanks for looking!


UPDATE: Shutter has been sold!


Bump, please look into my offers. PM if you want to work something out


UPDATE! Price on Shaqlerstar and Protostar has dropped!


Bump! possible price drop on AG 2. send me offfers and I will work with you


I want that avant garde but it’d take me a little bit to get the cash, think you can reserve for me?

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