Avant Garde 2 and Glacier Express

Is it just me or do the Avant Garde 2 and the Glacier Express look almost identical? I noticed that just a minute ago. They both have basically the same shape and the extra inner weight ring.

They look similar but the Glacier express is more angular and extreme than the AG2.

They do look somewhat similar, but hey, that’s just how it works sometimes. Personally i find the GE far more attractive due to its ano and lack of exposed axle ends in the hub, but it’s also more expensive. The AG2 is also bigger, wider, and lighter, with a more extreme inner-outer rim, so i’m sure they play quite differently.

lol, I was just about to post something about this.

yup … plus every clyw i try … is just … (can’t think of a word to describe it) ridiculously awesome!!!

I believe that in the chat last night, prior to its release, Chris stated that both X3’s Zeus and YYF’s Avant Garde 2 were inspirational in his Glacier Express design.

They do look very similar however the CLYW looks a lot nicer to me as well especially regarding the exposed axle ends on the hub…I cant stand the way that looks.

I actually asked a famous modder which design he felt was best out of the Glacier, Zeus, Avant Garde2 and the Magic YOYO n11 that all feature this cut away design. He told me the xCube Zeus is the one “done right”…based on that I would probably buy a Zeus before any of the other offerings.

I might pick up a Fools Gold Glacier Express if they become available.


I’d take a Glacier Express over the AG2 any day. I’m in love with CLYW’s throws.

The funny thing is, if YYF and CLYW switched those designs everyone would say the CLYW looks better.

I see what you’re saying but I think the exposed axle on the AV2 is just too ugly to win any beauty competitions!

I agree with this.

Nope. I’ll never buy another yoyo with axle showing in the hub, it’s just really unaesthetic. I realize it’s probably the best way to reduce center weight, but i think it looks so sloppy.

so refreshing to see how important performance actually is.


Nobody has mentioned the performance because everyone knows that both will be outstanding in play, with preference being the deciding factor. So people go with the remaining, second most important factor, which is appearance. Some people dislike the exposed axle, so that is what is being talked about.

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Didnt have chance to try N11, but from other 3, Zeus is also my choice.

Zeus is great, only thing i didn’t like about mine was the cut-out was just the right width to pinch my finger in a slightly awkward way while holding it. Super smooth, played amazing, but probably one of the least comfortable yoyos to hold, but that’s just the nature of the undercut design i think, and really not a huge deal.

I haven’t tried an AG2 yet. Trying to get one, but from what I’ve heard they play nothing a like.

Very very very different!

Good :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get one. Really want one of the blue illest ones.