Is the avant garde one superior against the avant garde two


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First off, usually people dont do a revision unless it has improved on the previous version in some way. Secondly, it is all about personal preference tell us your preferences (eg: fast/slow, heavy/light, small/big etc…)


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On the real topic:

If I had to choose based on looks alone, the AG2 looks more playable to me, but I have a CLYW Glacier Express, which has a similar concept.

I haven’t played either the AG or AG2. They just didn’t appeal to me visually. I wouldn’t mind trying them out though. Who knows, I could end up liking one or both.

The real issue is “superior”. That’s not a possible term here, because what is “superior” is based on preferences, and all that would matter is how your preferences tell you to decide.


from playing both owning the ag1 I was a fan of the ag1 more. it just felt better in my hand. need to replay the ag2 to determine if it is worth owning