Differences betteween the advant garde 1 & 2


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So I recently got a pre pro AG2 in a trade and I was wondering, whats the difference? I know they look different but what is the play difference?


Ag2 has smaller rims, but more hollow space I believe.


When they made the first Avant Garde, they were really making a unique design but they felt like other companies were catching on to this new shape and design, so they quickly made the Avant Garde 2, which take the ideas from the first and magnifies them, for a more drastic change, and I think they did pretty well. I love the AG2.

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AG1 on top, AG 2 on bottom in each comparison. Pictures not to scale, nor are they to scale with eachother.

Profile shot:

From the side:


Ok, thanks, does anyone have both and could comment on the play?

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AG1 is one of the best YYF’s I’ve ever played. Surprisingly good, very surprisingly good.

AG2 without a doubt is one of the worst yoyos I’ve ever played in my entire life. Like I don’t know what went wrong with it. It was just so bad. Normally I don’t diss on yoyos but my goodness I don’t think I’ve ever played a yoyo so bad before. Weird considering the first version is one of my favorie yoyos.

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They are both unique. My only regret was giving them the same name.


Wow! I love my AG2! I wonder why people hate it?


Has the Avant Garde been discontinued?

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Seems like they have been, although they could just be out of production at the moment.

I would love to see more AG1’s! I would buy some, they’re awesome!


The shape and width are the most prominent differences.

I heard that the Avant Garde 2 was Inferior to the original version.


I remember people crying that YYF copied CLYW with the inner ring with the AG 2. I felt that was a bit uncalled for.

I think shortly afterwards, didn’t CLYW release the Glacier Express?

I have nothing against these two yoyos. Neither really appealed to me visually and I never got a chance to play either.

I would say I’m in partial agreement with this:

These two are so completely different, they do deserve unique names. Oh well, what’s done is done. If people like a quality product, they won’t mind the name too much. This is not like the MVP vs the MVP 2.0, where you can definitely see where the yoyo came from in that evolution.


I love the first, but have not tried the second. I know you have regrets, as you stated, but based on the photos posted, the AG2 looks like a next generation AG to me. I can see why you named it what you did back then. :-\ Some people love the AG2 from what I’ve read. The original AG is one of my favorite yo-yos.


it was a design evolution, and lots of other manufacturers followed in the evolution.

I prefer the 2 personally. One was heavy, 2 took advantage of the unique distribution to feel different… not that different was everyones good.


Yes, I certainly see how one evolved into the other, and think the name was proper, even if you disagree. :smiley: Also, it inspired some other things too no doubt. :slight_smile: I prefer heavier throws, and loved the original. I will be buying the AG2 soon. No product appeals to everyone, and so be it as far as I’m concerned. Some people are loving it, so that means you were on the ball. I think it looks great.