glacier express or avant garde 2?

i was recently looking at cutaway yoyos, i have never owned one so i don’t really know what to expect from one. maybe someone could give an opinion as to which one is better

I was wondering the same thing. What are the advantages and disadvantages? I’d look into the recurve too.

Well I have an Avant Garde and While it is very stable and smooth I personally don’t like the weight of it. Feels extremely heavy.

Get the Glacier Express bro.

I’ll be getting my glacier express in like 3-4 days (it shipped from Canada) I’ll let you know once I get it!

Got my GE a few days back.
I love mine!
Stabile as can be, spins forever, plays great, decent grinds (i dont really grind that much), feels spot on weighted.

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I have the ge. Plays and looks fantastic. Still curious though about the ag. Its bigger and heavier.

I got my GE the other day. I like it a lot! It’s super smooth, sweet shape. It’s good for finger grinds cause its shape. And it spins for quite a long time. It’s great! Slightly smaller than a chief.

I also have a GE. It grinds decently. It has long spin times and is VERY stable. Lastly, mine has a little bit of vibe. Not enough to make it annoying, but not dead smooth, either. As for the Avant Garde 2, I’ve never played one.