YOYOFACTORY Champions Collection and MVP 2.0

Does anybody have additional information on the Champions Collection series or the MVP 2.0 such as pictures that ARE NOT of their FaceBook?


i was wondering the same thing! sorry to add a question to another question, but is the avant garde2 part of the champions collection?

I’ve only viewed what is on their facebook, but darn, that MVP 2.0 looks pretty cool!

The MVP 2.0 looks cool, but how groundbreaking is it? It looks exaftly like the MVP except it has the slightest undercut. I seriously doubt the undercut that far out and that minute will make a difference. It just seems like YYF is just trying to put a new yoyo on the shelf.

If we don’t update our own product other people will.

MVP 2 is an MVP it would have been pretty dumb to make a totally different yoyo and call it an MVP.

We have a buyers guide coming (was suppose to be this week but will now publish next week) with details on all our latest product (and thereis quite a bit of it).

Tried an Equilateral, as good if not BETTER; than many high end japanese competition yoyos.

Whats the price point on the equilateral?

It’s really amazing. So glad Mike let us try his.

I’m pretty stoked on finding out more on the Roll Model.

Since the Avant Garde 2 has been mentioned here, I was wondering about those two white circles on the cup of the yoyo. Are they raw, polished, lasered, anoed or something else? Can’t really tell from the pics.

They are lasered


I didn’t get to try it! :’(

Yeah, that would be like making a California that looks nothing like a California, :P.

It was the same concept :-p

I kid, I kid, I thoroughly enjoyed both models.