YYF Lunatic

So I’m looking to buy my first metal yoyo. I’m really thinking about the Lunatic. I’ve read pretty good things about it but I figured I’d get some opinions before I did anything.

Does anyone have this yoyo and recommend it? If not, anything within the same price range that you would recommend more?

Thanks in advance.

If it looks good to you, then go for it. People will probably reply with something along the lines of “omg ew da luntic is horibel get da (insert yoyo name)” which is just preference, so if you think you’ll like it, then you probably will. It is definitely a good yoyo though; almost all yoyos made now-a-days are great.

Thanks for the reply man.

I actually went against my initial idea and went a complete different direction. I purchased a Hitman (since I hear nothing but good things about it) with a KK bearing (figured I’d give it a try). I’m sure I won’t regret it.