YYF Legend Wing Options

I’m really liking how many Legend Wing options are available now! Just ordered myself a cherry lacquered and Snowflake legend wing.

I’ve got some love for the Legend Wing and I think it was a really clever release for YYF. It ticks a lot of boxes.

It’s cheap, a classic tried and true design, made from maple (the gold standard) and great for making various collectable editions. Also, it plays great.

Love it!

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I love the legend wing. I need to pick one up, but I just kinda spent all of my yoyo money :wink:

Man that snowflake legend looks real nice. Does anybody kno if it would make a good first fixed axle or is it just meant to be a collector?

It would make a great first fixed axle yoyo.

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I really like Legend Wing. I just picked up the Snowflake.