LF: My first fixed axle

Hey guys, I’ve been wanting to try fixed axle but everything on yoyoexpert is sold out and the stuff Glen makes now is a bit too expensive for me.

The yoyofactory legend wing is surprisingly good and still instock at yoyoexpert.


This is also true. The two David is selling are ‘premium’ handmade goodness, Legend Wing is a fairly consistent known high-volume standard that you cannot go wrong with!


I’m going to vouch again for the Legend Wing! It’s a really fun and capable little fixie, and if you end up not liking it you’re only out around 10 bucks. Fixed axle is a lot more challenging than I had initially expected, and it seems like a lot of other people who try it for the first time have a similar sentiment, so getting your feet wet with something cheap is a good idea.


Definitely get a Legend Wing.


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