Fixed Axle tutorials

Hey I wanna get into fixed axle where is the best place to find tutorials and how good is the yyf legend wing yoyo.

Start right here on this site>>>>

At the top of the Yoyoexpert page; click on the Learn option.

Then; scroll down past all the 1A yoyo trick levels, 2A, 4A, etc…

Keep scrolling down until you get to ‘Fixed Axle Tutorials with Ed Haponik’

Can’t get off to a better start than that…

And if you have questions about various fixed axle yoyo performance characteristics; contact Ed through the forum and if he doesn’t know; then it probably isn’t really important😉

PS… realize that the YYF Legend Wing was designed by two guys that started with fixed axles; both for 1A and looping. They obviously knew that they had to come up with a good fixed axle; long before they released it. They don’t get bonus points or make money releasing low performance products🤔
Nice pricing too…


Okay cool nice I will probably get a legned wing then


Just kidding about Spinworthy yoyos being dodgy. I make them. :yum:

The Legend Wing is a great choice for a first fixed axle yoyo. It’s a good all round performer.

The Harbinger is for people who already know they like fixed axle and wooden yoyos. Not that you couldn’t use it as your first fixed axle, you certainly can.


Nice and you live aus I do to, I have actually learnt the basics of fixed axle on my transaxle. Do you have a website for spinworthy.

Not as yet. I sell them on the BST forums here.

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If you have Instagram check out the Bandalores account. It’s run by Ed Haponik, Drew Tetz and Kyle Nations. They also have some guest spots, but it’s all mini tutorials for responsive play, fixed axle and responsive bearing.

This is a good one too:

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Lets Talk Yoyo made a bunch of tutorials last February.

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