YoyoFactory Legend Wing Review!!!

Got the YYF Legend Wing when it came out the other day. Here’s my review.


Thank you for the review. I may have gotten one just A hair heavier than yours, as I think the weight of mine is about perfect.

I find this shape is very good for shoot the moon and lunar or Mars landings as well.

Thank you for taking the time to do the review

Thanks man. I enjoy making videos.

I was absolutely loving mine, until the axle broke! Wood…


I think I can glue it…

It’s so smooth on the outside, and so rough on the inside.

I don’t have a scale, but mine felt super light, I think if I closed my eyes, and someone handed it to me, I’d think it was balsa wood!

I didn’t mind the weight in the least, however. I loved it so much, that after a few minutes, I ordered two more, this time the Movie Reel version.

I found it amazing at STMs and stalls, but also was surprised at the spin time.

Let you know what happens…

Ouch. :o

A couple of times I thought I had this glued back, but it came apart again both times. Fortunately, I have received the other 2 I ordered, and was also sent a replacement for the broken one.

I love this yoyo so much! I have to say all other yoyos are way down the line in play time since I’ve gotten these.

I guess I’ve never had just a plain wooden butterfly, so I don’t know if it’s anything special in that regard, or if I’ve just discovered the style that I like. I almost bought a wood Duncan Butterfly at an old time general store, didn’t, and when I went back, it was gone. Playing the Legend Wing makes me want to try that one, and also the Tom Kuhn- Wood Rocks.

I was actually reluctant to rave so much about it, because I know I’m in the minority in preference here. However, if you like playing fixed axle at all, especially at $10, the Legend Wing is an absolute must have. The only thing I don’t like is the “Made in China” on the box! ;D It says the Legend yoyos are “Made in the USA” in the store… Don’t let that stop you, though.

I kinda figured they’d wear out after awhile. You must have been giving it some serious spin time to wear it out so fast.

I’m a real beast! ::slight_smile:

Lol no, It was just defective.

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Sorry for any confusion. The Original Legend was made in the USA, but the new Wing Shaped Legend was not. They tried, but unfortunately the price jumped from their USA manufacturer. We will edit the page.

Man, that is super rough inside! Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by Hildy & Tmbr’s though.

To fix that you’ll have to drill out the old axle and reglue a new one. Find someone with a drill press, or if you have one. Don’t try to do it free hand.

Yeah wish I had a drill press, but I have 3 more LWs now, so…

I feel like the rough inside enhances the play!? ???

Well that’s one heck of a response system.


If I fix this one, I’ll sand it smooth, and see how it compares.