YYF jk review


The JK is quite an awesome  throw and is only more so with the cheap price tag.  It is a midsize yoyo which means the diameter (slightly less than 2 inches) is going to be very close to that of an 888 or any fundametals out there. But im not going to post the specs because, im writing this review at 2:30 in the morning and am honestly too lazy to go look them up, so I am going to post this fun link instead.


The good things about this yoyo are abundant, not even considering how inexpensive it is.


The looks… first of all, this yoyo has a bit of a different shape from others I have or have seen on the market. Kind of like a hybrid of the smoothness that the classic curve shape provides and the wideness from an angled shape like a supernova or a protostar. Not much to say about the graphics, pretty standard, but definitly  not an eye sore in my opinion. It also has a nice blue anodize to it which always looks nice. The notch in the middle where the axle protrudes looks kinda funky, but dosnt bother me, and as far as I can tell shouldn’t bother anyone else.


The feel in the hand is quite nice, its almost hyperbolic shape makes it easy to hold, however the lack of rim real estate for my pointer and ring fingers will take a little getting used to, perhaps more if you have larger hands… the midsizeness makes it easy to grip and is a plus point from my perspective. In the pocket this yoyo is also a comfort, being a little smaller, its not as noticeable or in some cases as annoying as other larger throws.

JK vs Severe

On the string this yoyo is quite fun. It is quite lite and quick which is the way I like it… great for technical tricks, but it handles slacks and whips really well too.  It is nicely maneuverable making it comfortable and agile when many strings are crossing across your hands. Grinds are a pleasure too… its surface is ALMOST as smooth as my 888 and lasts quite a while in my palm or on my finger, and a ride up my arm hardly phases the spin… another point I would like to make as far as tricks are gyro flops, this thing breezes through them like trying to cut melted butter, it hardly takes any effort… however the first time you may end up overkilling it, depending on what youre used to. And now to tack on that final plus, the price tag is great!

As far as thumb grinds go, I cant really say, im not that into them but what I can tell is that it dosnt like to stay on my thumb… and id also like to point out it comes with a standard C bearing, which that size is a plus for me (makes cleaning and maintainence easier compared to A) but what you do with that is at your discretion should you want to use a different one.

The cons are pretty limited, but here are my thoughts… rim weight is lacking, which may make it difficult for those with less experience, but I don’t think its as bad as other reviews ive read make it out to be… its lightness may sacrifice sleep time, but I can get through ladder escape twice easily, while making plenty of mistakes causing me to back track… as well as this yoyo plays and as low of a price it is, im thinking the bulk of the cost was taken out of the string that comes with it… im used to seeing some nice tight green string that’s beautiful to look at, but I wasn’t so spoiled this time, instead I got an ugly white string that appeared very loose, so I elected to use my own YYE 100% polyester red orange and yellow blend.

My final thoughts are that this yoyo is well worth owning, and quite a steal for a little over 20 bucks. The pros are fantastic, and the cons are nit-picky.  I would definitly recommend the JK to someone who is looking to buy their first metal, its inexpensive and its lacking rim weight may be a blessing in disguise as it would demand a stronger throw and more stability from the player during action, but be sure you are up for that challenge if it applies to you. And anyone who can already handle a tilt happy yoyo would just enjoy  it because its cheap, smooth, unresponsive, and a fun new gadget to add to your collection. If youre competing, I would point you in another direction because even thought its good, it dosnt offer the same performance as something higher end, however if youre competing, you probably already know what you prefer from your weapon of choice.


All in all, this yoyo gets a thumbs up from me… another thought, with the holidays not far off, this yoyo might make a good gift if another family member or friend of yours is also a yoyo enthusiast…