YoYo Factory JK

I cant find any reviews or information on the YoyoFactory JK like how long it sleeps or other need to no information. If anyone knows anything about this yoyo please reply.

It sucks. Buy another yoyo

I think that would sum up what the “JK” in the model name stands for with a statement like that.

It just came out…

I had one. Didn’t like it that much but for $22.00. Can’t go wrong. I think it plays better than a pgm so…and it is metal.

I had pre-release. Vibey, unstable, worthless piece of trash. Buy a starlite instead

It prolly plays like $22…

Actually wait. LESS than $22, since the manufacturer has to pull a profit.

EDIT: Oh, oh. Just to give the whole profit thing some perspective, remember when the DV888 was $64? Now it’s $40 and YYF is STILL pulling a profit.

Arussell, The production one was stable enough. The vibe wasn’t to bad at all. I had a prepro as well and it did suck. The production one isn’t really that bad.

YoYoFactory JK $21.99

YoYoFactory “C” Bearing $9.99

YoYoFactory Axle $1.99

YoYoFactory Pads $2.20

That means the yoyo halves are worth $7.81 (But of course when you buy parts separate they cost more…) Don’t forget guys they’re also annoded and laser engraved. (I wonder how much they’d cost to make raw if that’s about the selling price…)

Well anyway point is it is most likely not that great of a yoyo but for the price it’s nice. Think of it this way don’t like the yoyo you just bought some spare parts and got two cool metal objects to throw at things for just a little more then the regular price. C=

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upgrade it with a ctrac or kk

They don’t do as much as you’d think. Honestly I have a Center-Track (On my ProtoStar.) and I don’t really notice any difference…

This is totally inaccurate. YYF doesn’t pay NEAR that. I mean do you really think YYF buy’s bearings for 10? I can get them for .25 if I buy 100 or so. They may be older YYJ quality but they are stainless. Also I can buy the axle’s for around $.50 each. You can too. Pads on the other hand are a bit different because they are actually made FOR a yoyo unlike the bearings and axles.

I forgot to say if you buy in bulk you can get them cheaper but I thought most people knew that. I was just saying if you wanted to get a single bearing and a single axle from YoYoFactory it’s going to be around that price.

And my main point was the yoyo is not bad for the price.

I figured he was making a point as to the values that it would be consumer wise, as opposed to factory wise. I almost jumped on him for the same thing

Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

You get what you pay for, but for twenty-some bucks, It’s amazing. I like it more than the PGM by a long shot. It’s essentially a low quality Spyy pro. Pretty dope if you’re strapped for cash.

But a Metal Drifter. They are way better built

For people who keep saying you get what you pay for… Raptor.

These all play like they should be much more than they are.

I haven’t thrown a JK yet, but I’m just saying… you get what you pay for doesn’t always apply.

can you say Magic Pearl…? the JK is a Aoda…