Yoyofactory jk

Does anyone know why the Jk is not on the market now?

I did a little research and it seems that the YoYo has just disappeared… Maybe the first run didn’t sell well so they stopped manufacturing them.

Ask YYF or Aoda. I have no idea.

That yoyo was the best 20 dollars you could ever spend. Absolutley amazing for the price. Awesome spin times and grinds, very stable and could handle horizontal. I don’t know whey they aren’t making any more. I would get like 4 of them.

Nah, it actually sold pretty well.

I have 3 jks two for 3a and 1 for 5a

Still available. I can’t post other websites but I googled them and found some. Especially overseas.

We could not get a good enough quality finished yoyo from the vendor so we had to discontinue them. For every ‘good’ one we released there were 2 or 3 below ‘good’ with either significant vibe, scratches, dents or other flaws. We are still working on low cost quality metal but for now recommend spending a little more for a better yoyo

So, are you looking at something like around the Protostar/Northstar kind of price? Honestly, the dv888 is really fantastic, and at a street price of $45, it’s a hard value to beat. But if you hit that $35 range, you’re just gonna confuse a lot of folks who were looking at the protostar/northstar, but you’ll probably kick them from plastics to a metal at that price.

I personally think it might be a good move to let people have to spend a little bit more. As in, have them step up to the dv888-type prices.

Yea when i went to PNWR they had BOXES ON BOXES ON BOXES of B grade JK’s.

I just ordered a jk off of amozan