New yoyofactory yoyo. And wow its a one peace!


here it is the yoyofactory firedog. This is YYF history people! The cheapest ever YYF yo yo! what do you think about it? I think Duncan imperial about it. later.

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I think of a yoyo that is broken once you get a knot…


Or you could just pick it out.

Also, fix your thread title to remove what I guess would be considered profanity.


It would be hard with a looping yoyo,and it would get annoying.

(VincentD) #5

If you’re looping (correctly), then you won’t get a knot.

(Jerry) #6

actually if u saw the 2009 YYF Spring catalog its like in the 3rd page I got the catalog like 3 months ago… :o

(Frank W.) #7

It looked nice to me and I am very interseted over this one piece yoyo so I bought two the other day, which should be here in a little bit.


Thanks Kim. later.

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In my opinion, mabye others too, but here you have a high-end yoyo brand probably swimming in money between the PGM and the SuperStar because of the stacks and Spec Ball-Bearings, and now, they made this stupid yoyo for $4 bucks. Compare that to the SuperStar. There are many looping yoyos out there, and they are all pretty much take-a-parts. Whats worse, well its a yoyo you can’t take apart. Not to rant, but I can keep going. They already have a Loop 720. I’m not trying to be mean, but you can’t deny the truth.

(JonasK) #10

Why sould you need a take-apart looping yoyo with a plastic transaxle? You probably won’t get knots in it and plastic transaxle don’t need maintenance. And this is probably a good yoyo for players starting to learn looping. And yes they do have the 720, but you can get 5 Firedogs for the price of one 720.

It seems like you just did. You are looking away from the truth. YYF is trying to sell yoyos that ANY player can use, so that everyone has a YYF yoyo that fits them. And if you have seen what YYF has been coming up with lately, it looks like they are trying to bring more economic yoyos to the market.

Well these yoyos are on different ends of different scales. Comparing these two yoyos would be a crime.


Jeez. I don’t know where to start. I know how to answer all that. For the last one, I meant the price. But there, you have a yoyo with stacks… vs. a yoyo you can’t even take apart. For the first one, you can get a knot because some people actually do 1A with looping yoyos. You never know. For the second one, YYF is evolving. BIG. They are comming out with HUGE high-end yoyos, and there you have a little rock beside boulders, for $4.


Superstar: $120
Firedog: $5

I don’t see your point. One is much more expensive then the other, so? You get what you pay for or maybe even more.

Uh…don’t? You can still take out the knot, though. You shouldn’t need to unscrew your yo-yo every time you get a knot, anyways.

Not everyone can afford an expensive yo-yo and they would appreciate having an inexpensive looping yo-yo they can buy. They make a nice, inexpensive looping yo-yo, and all you can do is bring them down. Seriously? Sorry, but not all of us can afford $40 for two looping yo-yos. It’s not our fault. $10 is much more economy-friendly.


Oh. Sorry, I didn’t explain that. I meant the type of knot where you drop a GT instead of dismounting it. I’m sure you’ve seen that before. I didn’t exactly mean that if you buy a looping yoyo, you automatically become a 2A player. You can play with one. You don’t have to buy them off-line. There are hobby stores or you can buy them off a friend. A2Z sells them for $16, here they are what? Probably about $15 + S&H.


And that was the type of knot I was thinking of.

I lost you there. I don’t get your point or what you are trying to say.


Like, you said,“Sorry, but not all of us can afford $40 for two looping yo-yos.” You don’t have to buy 2. I was talking about 1. And you could buy them cheaper from a hobby store or from somebody you know. It is more expensive online because of S&H.


YOu never know. Remember, it’s all about the quality and how it plays. I glad YYF finally made an affodable yo-yo. Not everyone can afford a player. EG: the Duncan Imperial is cheap but can’t play. YYF is known to have the best yo-yos ever, regardless of the price. Knots can be undone easily, just needs time. I have a friend who is less fortunate and has a butterfly. He wishes he has a yo-yo just like mine. Now he can have one thanks to YYF. I’m glad they are making cheaper yet good quality yo-yos now. Hope they make a 5 dollar 1A yo-yo that’s fixed but spins for a long time like this.

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(JonasK) #17

Well if you buy this yoyo to use it as a 1a yoyo, you probably don’t know how to do any GTs. And you can pick knots out. Don’t try to make this a yoyo that it isn’t. Don’t compare this little plastic looper to high-end string trick metals.

And far from everyone lives near a hobby store where you can get yoyos.

Addment: YYF is evolving big, and this is a part of the evolution. Open your eyes, YYF is coming out with a new line of cheaper yoyos.


“Well if you buy this yoyo to use it as a 1a yoyo, you probably don’t know how to do any GTs.” I know how to do GT’s. Tons of them. (Where you reffering to me or some beginner?)

(JonasK) #19

I was not referring anyone directly. And from the looks of it, it seems like you are determined to take every single sentence literally. Don’t make this into a habit, because it’s a bad one.

The knot discussion can stop now. There’s a couple of facts that should end this:

  1. You have to do mess up advanced string tricks to get a knot. It’s labeled as a 2/0a yoyo, advanced players should look for other qualities in a 1a yoyo and don’t use Firedogs as 1a yoyos.
  2. You can just pick the knots out

And again, if you haven’t got it (it seems like you haven’t got it), this is not supposed to be a high-end string trick yoyo. It’s supposed to be an entry-level looping yoyo. So don’t compare it to high-end string trick yoyos, becuase they are not even on the same scale.

Addment: The non take-apart issue is not even an issue. It’s not like you need to change the transaxle.


Meh. I’m mixed about this.

Putting aside my opinions about YYF…

The trend for YYF seems to be moving toward less expensive options all around. I understand that offering a cheaper model often means sacrificing something that a more expensive model would have had. I honestly think YYF has this “give and take” down to a science, and no one should find themselves disappointed with it.

The Firedog? Yeah, they could have spend the extra nickel, so to speak, and have it as a take-apart model. They didn’t. Who knows why? Ask Ben.

That being said, though, I’m sure it’s a great looper. I’m assuming this, of course, as I haven’t played one. I know the price is right. I daresay that price may very well bring new blood into this hobby. This, if nothing else, should earn YYF due praise.