What’s up YoYo Universe! Thanks for stopping by and reading this review.

The first thing I wondered about this model is what does JK mean? Kinda makes it a bit mysterious hehe. What I’ve been able to attain is kind of vague. JK could have meant Jensen Kimmit as this throw’s production run was on Nov 14th 2010, very close to the Northstar I have produced on Oct. 1, 2010. This May be or may not be significant but does spark curiosity. I was told they were giving JK’s away at Cal States after Kimmit had left the brand, but I don’t know this to be a fact. Some other folks think it means “Just Kidding” but for whatever it’s worth, the name does have some kind of appeal. Furthermore I understand that the JK is a Licensed YYF Version of the Aoda Pearl that is being manufactured by Aoda in China, which does makes some sense. Anyway…

Appearance: I have to say that when I first saw this throw, my first impression was that it looked a lot like my SPYY Supra. However the Supra is larger and heavier and has a lot more rim weight with an exposed axle. This similarity annoyed me at first, but after playing it, this impression has been erased. Generally speaking, this yoyo is smaller in dimension. When you set it side by side with the Supra or any other standard 50mm by 40 mm undersized yoyo, you can see right away that the JK is a bit smaller and narrower.

The finish is really nice and smooth and has a soft blue sheen to it. It does not look or feel like a cheap throw. It has plenty of Street Cred. I’ve already gotten several compliments on it while throwing it at the park this past weekend. I would have liked more color choices, but this is the first release in the states so, we’ll see what happens within a year’s time as far as color options go. I did notice when I took it apart to see it’s guts, that it had a floating axle which is thicker, say 2mm thicker, than the axle in the Dv888 or 888x as well as some other YYF models. There’s no need for balance adjustment thankfully as it locks itself into place when it’s screwed together.

Play/ Feel: The JK has a soft feel to it that is fairly comfortable in the hand and does not hurt on returns. It’s finish feels like a glass bead blast, similar to what you’d find on the Duncan Raptor for example. Overall, I am surprised and satisfied with the play of this throw. Taking it for what it is, an unresponsive, full aluminum $22.00 budget throw… IT’S AWESOME.

What can the JK do? Well the real question is what CAN"T it DO?!! One thing of note here is not to be fooled by it’s low price. At first I thought, how good can that yoyo be? especially after buying several $100 throws. BUT, after running it through the gamut Expert and Master level combos, I could see right away that the JK has excellent capacity for everything you throw at it.

The JK is all catch zone and its fast, fast fast! It’s super floaty, super hoppy, super nimble, smooth, and a great grinder! It can do awesome finger, palm, arm and IRG grinds! I got it to grind for just over 6 seconds… COOL And binds are really tight as it stops on a dime. It’s long spinning and has excellent stability and balance for doing whips and slacks etc… It stays on it’s axis from beginning to end. The gap is nice and wide and allows for easy layering of the string with no String Drag thanks to it’s low tapered wall. It easily moves around the string and jumps about between knots and string segments and just cuts through whatever you got going on. And it fits comfortably in your pocket too. What a great yoyo!

Conclusion: If you’re wanting the full metal experience, get this, as it’s hands down the best option I feel for the money… The JK proves to be one $20 power house _ _ _ Kicker… I’m not kidding. If you’re thinking of getting a Duncan metal drifter for example, don’t even bother. This thing smokes it and will take you further than the Drifter ever could. I don’t think there’s anything currently in the US market that can touch it when it comes to price and performance. If you look at the JK in terms of design efficiency, it’s a winner because of its weight to spin ratio. If you look at it from a price stand point, it can smoke and own other models in its league.

The ONLY Question remaining is… What are YOU waiting for???

Aaah, I’ve actually heard a lot of bad reviews about the JK before : /
Still a bit apprehensive on buying this, since it’s the first good review I’ve heard…

Really great review!

I don’t know why people think this is bad and vibey…This became my main throw over my protostar and g5

Is the JK heavy enough for me–an intermediate player who can’t throw plastics right–to have this sleep long enough for a full length combo?

Absolutely! I own 16 throws with varying weights, 63 to 72 grams. And this one which is close in weight to my One Drop 54 produces excellent spin time, as much as some other higher priced throws as well. If you’re at intermediate this will take you to master. I do Master level combos on it easily. I call this yoyo the one with invisible momentum hehe.

I’ve not traveled through other forums enough to have read other reviews about it, but I stand behind my experience with this model 100%. It’s really a pleasure to throw around and I’m sure you will love it.

I wholly agree with your appreciation of it. Just goes to show what YYF can do when they want to. Thanks for the post!

Now i really want to get this, but it has to wait till after my mom is done getting things for school.

Nice review (As always). Might think of picking one of these up when they get back in stock (If they do…).

Also loving the new avatar is that Spawn?

I feel your pain friend… Cant believe your mom’s putting school over the yoyo hehe (Just Kidding!) Maybe you can help more around the house or something and get some brownie points hehe.

Hello, thanks for the support! I know you will love it when you get one. Yep, it’s Spawn!!

I got one and it’s sweet I love the shape of it.

Cool! I knew you’d like it. It is sweet and for the price, even sweeter. Stay cool!

Just got the jk from the Tony tour. This will replace my One as the “drag around, can get hurt” throw. Why’s that? Because the way they shipped it. It arrived with several dings and scratches. However I got it for $2 cheaper and a hand full of other things for free. So not really complaining just stating.

Only review statement I’ll make is that it’s a little slippy on the binds.

Got mine on Friday or Saturday can’t remember. but yeah, i love this little thing. for the price, it is a really good throw, surprisingly good. Very very happy with it.

Yeah same. I just wish that they put a little bit of paper in there. It would of taken one sheet to wrap the yoyo and keep it safe. =/ Oh well we did get a sweet deal. C=

So sorry to hear of it’s state of shipment.

Interesting about the bind… I don’t have any bind issues at all. Perhaps it’s the low wall effect.

I echo your sentiments. I’m very pleased with it.

Hey Redd,
Since you show the JK beside a DV888, how does the feel compare to the 888. I was between buying one or the other and just ordered the JK today. My first metal. I have been throwing a Whip and a Velocity a bunch so I felt it was time to upgrade.

What’s up Longshot!

You’ve made a great choice for a first metal. Off the cuff, the JK is lighter and faster on the string than the Dv888. The Dv888 is 2 grams heavier so it plays slower but it’s an excellent choice also. Both are stable and have good balance throughout play and have a great grinding surface. The JK is more nimble and floatier too for hopping in and out of string segments. I’m sure you will not let the JK go once you get started with it.

Love the signature by the way… I remember Devo: Youuu must whip it! hehe.

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I still see a Devo. The lead Singer teaches drawing on Yo Gabba Gabba, a kids show my 3 yo Daughter watches…lol.

If it is “floaty” like the Whip then I will probably like it. I love the Whip except for the lack of body mass when it starts slowing down. I would love for them to make a metal copy of the Whip…lol.