YYF Horizon Stuck Closed

I just got the yo yo factory horizon last Friday great yo yo better then the supernova my friend has in my opinion, but onto the real problem last night i’m practicing my tricks and the string gets tangled when i do a bind, no problem right, wrong i go to open the yo yo and it wont budge… any suggestions?

P.S. i was using it outside in the cold (~40 degrees Fahrenheit) last time i was using it.

Try putting on two rubber gloves and twist again. It will give you more grip so all your strength can go into twisting without any sliding of the skin.

tried it with some rubber cleaning gloves that sucker is stuck

got it open just had to sit here and play with it while i was waiting for replies

Good, I was afraid you were screwing in the wrong direction lol

lol, man that would such, but at the same time, be real funny! ;D

And you could break your yoyo