Halp me

So a couple of weeks ago, I cleaned my Horizon’s bearing and it’s been playing pretty badly recently. I cleaned it twice, lubed it with a pindeop of trumpet valve oil (didn’t have anything else) and I thought I was fine. Now the yoyo will spin for maybe 1:40 tops with a strong throw. Everyone on the forum seems to agree that Horizon’s spin for days so I’m really not aure what’s wrong with it. Does anyone know how long a Horizon will usually spin? Also 9’ve been thinking about getting a concave bearing for it because whenever I throw it, if it’s slanting just a tiny bit, the string will grind on the walls and it just kills my sleep time. Really need some help because I’m so confused…

Also, I do have a concave bearing in my Magic t5 Overlord but it must be superglued in there or something because I’ve tried to pry it out with 4 different wrenches for literally 20 minutes and it didn’t budge. I’ve read about people putting the yoyo in a freezer to help get the bearing out,nwiuld that help? I just need a surefire way to get a bearing out of a super tight bearing seat. Thanks guys.

Try cleaning the bearing again. Soak it good and swish it around good. Did you take the shields off and dry it out well the first time?

As for the tilt, that could very well be your throw. Throw a sleeper and see if it tilts. If it does, twist your wrist slightly the opposite direction on the next throw. Adjust the wrist twist as needed.