YYF LOOP 1080 screw thingy problem! Pls need help

So i got the yoyo less than a month back.i had tons of fun with it.Today,when i tried to make the gap smaller,by twisting with the tool that they included,the end of the tool wasnt gripping to the place it was in.i tried with another tool,same result. I think that the screw’s head( i mean the place where the tool touches the yoyo) is loose. Any help/recommendation?

Why don’t you contact Yoyofactory directly? There are 2a looping Experts at the Business Monday through Friday… Pretty much all year long.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with you posting here.

I am just suggesting a solution to your question/problem. I have no doubt the Owners/designers of the Loop1080; that both happen to be 2A players and Patrick Mitchell(a main employee there); who has Won many 2A titles over the years; would be happy to help you identify the problem and the/ remedy to your problem.

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Thank you veeeeeeeeery much