YYF Loop 1080 - possible design flaw

Either I had a super bad luck, or I believe that Loop1080 may have a flaw with adjustable gap mechanism.

I have two of them for last few days and they worked nice for me - I felt no need to adjust them. After few days I simply wanted to try how this adjustment mechanism works - not that I needed to, I just wanted to check it out.

So I put in the key that was bundled and try to turn - it turns a little and then the key spins inside the screw. I tried it few more times in both directions (I thought I may have hit the limit on one side), but what happened is that after few turns the metal screw actually lost all edges, they smoothed out by using provided key.

And let me repeat: I wasn’t using much force. I wasn’t trying to overtight the yoyo. I tried no such thing and I was careful. I just wanted to see how this mechanism works.

Similar thing happened on my second yoyo, but there I only tried to turn it twice, so my screw still has some edge - I hope to be able to adjust it with different key when I find one.

So to summarise: I believe that YYF picked extremely weak steel for this mechanism and also that the key is a tiny bit too loose inside - it doesn’t provide a fit tight enough inside that screw, so it breaks it.

It pretty much defeats the purpose of having this mechanism there in a first place.

I would still recommend this yoyo of course - I love it as I’m making a really quick progress with 2A (something I tried for the first time now), it also looks pretty good. So I guess the lesson learned is: don’t use the key that was bundled with it - find another one, that will be a better fit. And be careful, a lot.

P.S I know it’s just one opinion, so you shouldn’t rely on it as if it was an ultimate truth. Also, I would love to hear from other owners of 1080 if you guys had similar problem. How it was with 900s?

I tried it some more - mechanisms still work on both, it’s just that the screw on one of them (the more broken one) is kind of “slippy” (sometimes key turns inside a screw ruining it even more), so I won’t be touching it more unless absolutely necessary.

You mentioned that you have two of them… I got a question for you. Didn’t a Key come with each of he 1080s’?

If by chance you got them new, there should have been a key in each box.

And did you contact Yoyofactory yet? > Contact Patrick@yoyofactory.com

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My loop 900 is still fine, not slippy or not lost-thread. I’ve owned it for about 6 or 7 months. Not use it that much though, and I only have one. I like to twinkle with the adjustable gap mechanism though, so I think mine is pretty sturdy or so.

yoyodoc, I just got your reply. Indeed, I do have two keys, it’s even possible that on second try I used the other key and that’s why it went better. I’ll confirm it later, after work. Regarding contacting YYF, I love the yoyo, I would buy again, I’m not even angry or anything, so I didn’t see the need to contact them, but actually maybe they would like to have this feedback, so I’ll do that. Thanks!