My 888x won't open!

Hey I just got my 888 on this site and it won’t open. Ive tried just twisting it to unscrew it but it’s too tight… Anyone have any tips/ideas?

I can’t imagine that happening. Even if the axle was crossthreaded you should still be able to get it loose since a yoyo gives you a ton of leverage. I know you can shear the thread clean off from experience.

If you’re absolutely sure it just can’t be done, contact YYE and let them know. They’ll usually even pay for your return shipping if they decide it’s a manufacturing defect. But once you break something by forcing it, it will be a lot harder to explain.

Sometimes YYF makes their yo-yos screwed really tight. First of all, make sure you’re twisting it the right way. Then just twist harder. It shouldn’t break, and I doubt that it’s a defect.

First off, do some pushups, keep doing 100 a day for a week, by the end of the week, you will be able to unscrew it :wink:

Yeah, the YoYoFactory metals I have were hard to open on my first try, but after a few times, it will become easier, so I suggest you use all the strength you have to open it.