No matter how hard i try I cant ever screw open my North star?


Im not to knowledgeable on this yoyo but ive really never played it to much and i went to go screw it open and it wont budge. Why is this? Is that how yyf made it?

                  Thanks, Luke ;)


if its new, they come from the factory really really tight.


Ask someone strong, or find those grippy things in the kitchen ^.^


If you are trying to unscrew it for the first time then YYF screws them really tight so just give it some muscle and it should comply and if you just can’t get it open then get someone stronger to help and if that dosen’t work then send it back to whatever site you got it from and ask for another, they should be glad to help. Hope it gets resolved.


Ok this thing is stuck i mean like glued or somethin.

(WildCat23) #6

Get grippy things AND someone strong.


Alright i finally unscrewed it with those grippy things. ;D


works every time… well, those or pliers


Thanks guys!!!


no problem… youll find that this is a very supportive community ^,^