Unresponsive brain yoyo?!?!?!

How did i do it? whoever takes the time to find out gets a thank you button, lol.

I had the same thing happen. Does it still come back with the clutch?

Open it up and move the string in circles around the yoyo, as if it were sleeping. Does the sleeve part move or does the string slide around the sleeve? That was my problem, and I have yet to fix it. Not sure if it would work, but if you could get that part sanded a bit it might hold.

no no no i did it on purpose. im tryin to see if anyone can find out how. Its not bad a player actually…

You only wrapped the string around it once.

Oh. You didn’t double wrap it? Took the o-ring off? Sanded the starbursts?

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o- ring was the one

Samad=pwned :stuck_out_tongue:

Why’d you do that? Just curious.

experimenting or in my way experimentiberliblingnisnis