Is something wrong with this yo-yo?

Hey everyone,
The other day I went to Toys R Us and I found a Yomega Fireball and I bought one and when I tried it out I found out that now and then it does not come back and it even looks like it has enough spin time left, I even tried a little bit of valve oil on it because it had a squealing sound. I know I sound like a beginner, but I am on intermediate videos, it is just that I did not know if it was defective or if it is just how the yo-yo is. Thanks in advance.

Try to double wrap the string around the axle. :slight_smile:

Sorry for not telling what type it is. It is a transaxle yo-yo and I think it is wrapped around it about five times.

and it is still unresponsive?

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Look to see if it’s because the sleeve part is spinning around or if the string is sliding around the sleeve. I have the second problem with one of my Brains and I can’t get it to work.

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I just tried it and sometimes it comes back but the times it doesn’t I tug it a lot like I tug with my whole hand, and it sounds like it is trying but it doesn’t, then I opened it up to see if the string slides on the sleeve but it doesn’t. Could someone tell me if it is defective or not, and if it is not defective then what should I do? (It is still under warranty.) Any help would be appreciated.

It’s probably not defective. Maybe try something thicker like vaseline.

Look at the o-ring. Does it look kind of worn down? You might need to get a new one. It doesn’t happen much, but occassionally it does.

I would just contact yomega